Product Labels | Progressive Turf

Turf FoundationTM(10-3-5) is specially formulated to be used as the base or “foundation” product in your Progressive Turf fertility program. Turf Foundation™provides primary plant nutrients in a T&O-friendly ratio to support balanced growth.

Greater Green™(5-0-7) is specially formulated to produce “exceptional” green color without excessive growth. Greater Green™ promotes chlorophyll production and enzyme activity by its primary plant nutrient combination plus micronutrients.

Master Phite™(0-0-31) Our soybean & plant extract has been described as revolutionary nutrition for the plant. It stands to reason that the only nutrition line developed around this agronomically complete organic base material requires fewer products.

Cal-XtractTM (4-0-l+4Ca) is specially formulated to strengthen cell walls, regulate respiration, enhance nutrient uptake, and improve stress tolerance in plants. Cal-XtractTM may reduce crusting, lower harmful salt levels, and improve water infiltration in soils when used as a regular part of your Progressive Turf fertility program

N-XtendTM (22-0-2) is specially formulated to provide uniform growth and deep, longer lasting color and density through a unique and synergistic combination of chemistries. Studies show that 40-70% of quick-release nitrogen is lost to volatilization and leaching.

Progressive Turf Products

Progressive Turf brand is dedicated to the manufacture of turf and ornamental products utilizing proprietary plant derived extract and protein hydrolysate that are safe and effective for all plants. When used as directed, Progressive Turf products provide the professional turf and landscape manager with a unique set of tools for developing and maintaining exceptionally high quality turf grass and ornamental plants.