Progressive Turf Soybean & Plant Extract Fertilizers

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This is the question we are continually asked by golf course superintendents and turf managers. Simply stated, we capture nature’s perfect plant food from our soybean & plant extracts and utilize it as the organic component of our liquid, foliar applied nutrition products. This allows us to design an agronomically complete fertility program for your greens and turf using only 3 products.

Soybean & Plant Extract, The Perfect Nutrient . .

The nutrient rich extract material, which provides the nutrition required to enable the seed to germinate and reach seedling stage contains nature’s perfect recipe of proteins, carbohydrates, sugars, vitamins, minerals and organic compounds. Nature has done the complicated work of mixing and matching the proper nutrients so you don’t have to!

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Makes Your Job Easier . .

Progressive Turf products are designed to address the four issues you continually face on your greens and turf:

  • Promoting lateral growth and density without a vertical surge
  • Maintaining health and vitality through stress reduction
  • Effective and safe immune system support
  • Providing excellent playable turf surfaces

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With Only 3 Products . .

Our soybean & plant extract has been described as revolutionary nutrition for the plant. Therefore it stands to reason that the only nutrition line developed around this agronomically complete organic base material should require fewer products.

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is specially formulated to strengthen cell walls, regulate respiration, enhance nutrient uptake, and improve stress tolerance in plants. Cal-XtractTM may reduce crusting, lower harmful salt levels, and improve
water infiltration in soils when used as a regular part of your Progressive Turf fertility program.

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Provides longer lasting color and density. N-Xtend™ preserves 99% of its nitrogen and is an ideal product for greens, fairways, tees, and bunker faces.

  • Almost no nitrogen loss due to volatilization and leaching.
  • Supports root development and integrity
  • Supports nutrient availability and soil biota health

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