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Golf Courses

Safe, Simple, and Complete Golf Course Turf Program!


As a superintendent or a distributor to golf courses you know the demand for superior results on every tee, every green, and every fairway. Progressive Turf has the sustainable solution for you!

We offer proprietary organically based, technologically advanced, liquid foliar fertilizers designed to improve turf grass color without promoting excessive top growth.

Progressive Turf started out in the golf course fertilizer industry and specifically tailored our Turf Foundation TM (10-3-5) and Greater Green TM (5-0-7) to meet the needs of high caliber courses situated in the most demanding climates. Our proprietary organic compound approach reduces the dependence on N-P-K as the primary source of nutrition and minerals unlike traditional fertilizers. Our products also contain all major, secondary, and minor mineral elements available in chelated form, a balanced nitrogen complex, and high levels of soluble carbohydrates, to enrich the soil profile and encourage microbe based mineral nutrient availability and uptake.

Our product offering decreases the heavy carbohydrate demand by turf grass to support top growth, which allows for the allocation of the carbohydrate reserve to encourage lateral growth, tillering, and other processes that contribute to improved color density, vigor, and improved root system development – even during cooler growing conditions.

Progressive Turf fertilizer can be mixed with other technical materials so that you can spray less often, and save time, labor and fuel. Progressive Turf’s superior formulations offer focused delivery of nutrients, and dramatically reduces leaching, volatilization, and other waste.